The commune

Village of 662 inhabitants (on January 1, 2019) located in the southern Ardèche, by the river, the area of the eastern town of 1711 hectares, or 17.11 km2, including 700 hectares of forest.

Remarkable by its historic heritage, located opposite Vallon Pont d'Arc, Salavas is a charming picturesque village with an exceptional setting.


Typical of the southern Ardèche, Salavas has kept its charm.

In the old village, wells and fountains mark out the calades paved with pebbles and lined with stone houses.

A pedestrian circuit allows you to discover its historical riches.

Salavas is also nature with very varied landscapes.

The municipal forest constitutes an important territory of a single piece of more than 700 hectares, with an important hunting (hunting) potential.

It offers very distinct types of terrain:

- On tender limestones: the garrigue, green oak, pubescent oak, boxwood, juniper, thyme, savory, serpolet, ciston, prunellier, cherry of Sainte-Lucie, narrow leaf wire, Montpellier maple, genêt scorpion;

- On the sands: the pines, arbutus, green oak, pubescent oak, pedunculated oak, white Alisier, tormatical, tree trek, Fragon (small holly);

- At the water's edge: feverish of America, black poplar, alder, willow, blood with blood.

Hiking circuits allow you to discover them.

Many raptors live in the region: Circaète Jean-le-Blanc, variable nozzle, bonded Apiorore, around the Palombes, sparrowhawk, Crecerelle hawk, Hobereau and black Milan for diurnal species; Grand Duke owl, Duke means, little duke, owling, owl Hulotte and frightens for night species.

Limestone cliffs offer three climbing sites.

Finally, the river is there!



The descent of the Ardèche gorges in canoeing, kayaking, boat or kraft (canoeing 9 places), which stretches over 30 km between impressive limestone cliffs, has become essential.

It is in Salavas that you can embark for one or two days of adventure along the water.

Supporters of idleness will not resist the pleasures of swimming.The quality of Ardèche waters is also favorable to fishing.